Ch. Nenevale U-Know at Springflite ‘Breezy’
Nenevale Narrator x Nenevale Kaleidoscope
5 CC’s  .  2 Res CC’s Top Giant Schnauzer Bitch 1992

A small selection of some of the super critiques Breezy received en-route to her title…

"Butler and Dodd’s Nenevale U-Know at Springflite, sound, short bitch who covered the ground, pleasing head and length, set on good neck with arch into sloping topline, well muscled hindquarters and angulation, excellent spring of rib and depth of chest, very well presented and handled.
 C.C. and with her overall compact picture and enthusiasm Best of Breed."
Dominique Brixey

"C.C and Best of Breed, Butler and Dodd’s Nenevale U-Know at Springflite, smashing for type, style and balance, super head and front, lovely neck and shoulders, good depth and ribbing,
wide and strong thighs, very good mover."
Terry Thorn

"Butler and Dodd’s Nenevale U-Know at Springflite, most beautiful bitch with an exquisite head,lovely neckline flowing into a deep body with good forechest, shorter coupled than the Giants of yesteryear, good topline, clean well laid back shoulders and nicely angulated rear end. Moved particularly well behind and made a lovely picture in profile both standing and on the move. Captured my heart and I would have been pleased to take her home.Best of Breed"
Barry Day